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Public Status Page

Your public status page can server various purposes, it can keep your users up to date on the availability of your servers or it can simply show you at a glance what’s currently happening. Cloudsome makes is extremely easy to configure and display your public status page. In your Cloudsome account, navigate to “Public Status” in the main menu. The resulting page will look like this:

Your page will look somewhat different, of course, with your uptime monitors listed. You can toggle the status slider for each individual monitor to have it be displayed or not displayed for public view. The link right above the table is what you will give your users to keep track of your servers. In my case when I pull it up, it looks as follows:

Keep in mind that this page will be accessible by anyone in the world who has the link.

The public status page shown above will show your servers’ uptime status for the past 7 days. Note that the time shown will be in your timezone.

We hope you find this feature quite useful.

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