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What is the “Consider Down After” Setting?

“Consider Down After (timeout after)” setting allows you to set the number of seconds for Cloudsome to wait before giving up trying to connect to an unresponsive server. The setting ranges between 5 and 120 seconds.

Let’s say you set it to 10 seconds. In that case when Cloudsome pings your servers and does not get a response within 10 seconds, it records the check as unsuccessful and, possibly, sends you a DOWN alert.

Some web pages do take a long time to pull up, but you can account for that by allowing a longer time to connect through the use of this setting. For example, you want to ping a web page that runs a report that takes from 15 to 30 seconds to pull up. In this case you would set the number of seconds to over 30 (say 45) to allow time for the report to pull up. Else, if this setting is at 20 seconds, you will be constantly getting DOWN and UP alerts even though the page is working as usual.

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